*ALL options must have current AAU number (CLUB Code W3435F) and sign up on the sign up genius link for practices and meets.

  1. Coda summer team for individual divers for the 7.5 week summer session with 10+ location/times offerings available.  Divers choose up to four 60 minute classes per week (30 practices max).  Divers do not need individual memberships at any pool. Meets are $5 each.  Divers registering will be placed on the ACES CODA Team this 2022 season. COST:  $275/ season
  2.  A 10 pass option to join in any CODA Summer practices (can be split within your family).  No refunds for unused punches. Cost: $125.
  3.  Drop in CODA practices or meets or invite a CODA summer team to your meets. Costs for meets or practices hosted by CODA COST:  $15/day or meet

  • CODA Summer Team: $275 (ACES)
  • 10 Pass: $125
  • Drop in $15/day

Specific Practice dates are on the Sign up genius. See link. Opens for sign up May 5, 2022.

  • Westerville JC: M & W 12-1pm; Thu 530 -630 pm
  • Dive GYM:    Fridays 11-12; Mondays 530-630
  • Delaware:    Saturdays btwn 11-12; (more- ask Steph or Eric)
  • CCC:        Fridays 1030-1130; Sundays 1030-1130
  • Gahanna:    Tuesdays 7 - 8 pm
  • Possible Dublin or  Powell locations are being looked into. 

Divers must sign up through the sign up genius link above to ensure we have enough coaches available.  This also helps for attendance and if cancellations are needed or changes for any reason (weather). Divers will be limited to 4 practices per week (30 per season) but if space is available may attend or purchase more more by contacting coach Jen.

Existing Teams or Groups:
For Coaches with a team/group: Your team can be a member of CODA by registering as a team ($45/yr).  Divers will likely have pool membership dues and team dues to their pool. This allows a coach to bring athletes to the dive gym one time during the season (as a team) as well as the discounted $10 per meet fee as long as a coach is present.  Current AAU numbers are still required. This excludes Grand Champs on July 23/24th 2022.​