Background of CODA


CODA Comments from the Board

We are HIRING Coaches for various locations around Central Ohio for lesson, Summer league and assistant team coaching.  Please contact Coach Jen through the Facility/Events page link!  We will have a meeting  June 7th for anyone interested in being part of our coaching team this summer and/or year round!  Student starting pay is $12/hr, qualified professional coaches based on experience start $15 - 20/hour.

ANNUAL 2022 MEETING:  April 30th, 2022 --1pm @ Panera in Westerville

Welcome to Central Ohio Diving Association!  CODA is a private, member run organization developed in 2009 by local area coaches to help bridge summer league divers from the Greater Columbus, Suburban and Country Club Leagues, and to introduce them to the sport of diving beyond summer league.  We offer meets and clinics throughout the summer as well as host a "Grand Championship" meet every summer. OSU is starting to take rentals so events such as the Ned Reeb Diving may occur!

We previously hosted a local teams information but ACESDiving now has a new website: .  We are working with all area coaches to provide information for all opportunities in Central Ohio area.